Sharp shooter

The Sharp Shooter game has a unique style. This dice game is played with dice. A player has 3 chances to match the croupier’s dice. If the croupier’s dice are worth an eight, then that’s the highest hand the player can have. The first round is the most lucrative, and can be a huge payout. If you’re lucky, you’ll be rewarded with up to 8 times the total bet.

This game is easy to learn and play. All you have to do is set the stake amount you’d like to play for and hit the roll button on the table. The dice will be thrown within a set time period. When the time runs out, the system will automatically throw the dice. This game is suitable for players of all levels, and it’s sure to satisfy your gambling urges. It’s a great choice for a fun, exciting way to make some extra cash.

The rules for this game are fairly simple. Players need to set their preferred stake amount (from 0.10 to 200), and then click on the ‘roll’ button. A timer will be displayed on the screen and the dice will be thrown. The timer will start when you hit a winning combination. If you lose the last round, the system will throw the dice automatically for you. The winnings are determined by the amount you bet and the bet size you placed.

Sharp Shooter is one of the most popular games in the Internet casinos. This casino game is sponsored by Rhythm City Casino and Elite Sportsbook. In the game, players have three chances to match the croupier’s dice. To win, players must match all the dice. A player has the option to choose the stake from 0.10 to 200. Then, he can click the roll button on the table and wait for the game to end. After the time period expires, the system will automatically throw the dice for them.